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Back for my yearly update

Posted by Steven on August 23, 2012

First off I’d just like to establish that your eyes–which are undoubtedly bleary, bloodshot and fatigued from spending hours surfing the net for personal and professional reasons and the stress that comes with trying to ward off the monotony of everyday life–do not deceive you. This is my first blog entry in nearly a year and therefore I figured my rabid, impatient fan base deserved some kind of explanation for my prolonged absence. One of my online etiquette pet peeves is when the author or creator of a blog or YouTube channel I enjoy suddenly stops producing contest, either altogether or at a reduced rate, and just expects the audience to accept this new reality without explanation, figuring people who truly appreciate their work at an artistic level will eagerly consume whatever they write or put to video without question. However I’ve always been a person that asks “why” before anything else and tried to be as open as possible on here.

With this in mind , I haven’t been able to give much thought to writing here because since November I’ve been preoccupied doing some freelance writing on the web and I’ve been reluctant to post any creative writing I have done of late because I’d like to eventually publish it in a book of some form (along with expanded versions of some of the entries currently in this blog.) Thus from this point forward I suspect the blog will focus more on reviewing various things that I think haven’t been dissected to death on the internet, as well as short random musings more suited for the blog format in comparison to I’ve done in the past. This isn’t meant to suggest that the overall tone of the blog will be radically different, but rather that I’m looking to put my best creative writing in a book and won’t consider this blog as my main outlet.


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