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Embrace the Madness

Posted by Steven on March 17, 2011

Today the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins anew. I’ve never been a ardent bracketologist due to the fact that ANYONE can fill out a bracket and do well thanks to random chance and a few lucky upsets, which which really devalues the entire experience. The tournament itself is nothing more than a crapshoot designed to draw in as many casual fans as possible, and by the time it’s over you wonder why they even bother to play a regular season at all. I’m willing to bet 75% of all sports fans, myself included, don’t even bother to watch the college game until the tournament starts. This is not to say I’m above filling in a bracket every year just for the hell of it. I mainly just want to prove to myself and others that I put more thought into it than those people who advance teams because of their nicknames, mascots, or the attractiveness of their cheerleading squad.

The NCAA decided to jump the gun a long time ago and give their tournament a nickname, March Madness, in keeping with the alliteration theme that is featured in the other tournament rounds. I think a more appropriate name for this event is Generic Nicknames Royale, as there seems to be a limited amount of creativity among college athletic directors and they end up copying the bland nicknames of other teams: bulldogs, panthers, wildcats etc. It’s nauseating.

If you are determined to fill out your bracket by going against the often cited rules of picking 12 seeds over 5s and never trusting a low ranked team beyond the Sweet Sixteen, Nostradamus just spoke to me in a vision and said he likes Morehead State over Temple in the championship game. The Eagles Will not be denied!

I actually filled out 3 brackets this year but I chose to post this one because one of my Final Four picks hasn’t been mentioned often by the experts.

My Final Four

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